Laptop Repairs

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Let’s face it we’ve all been there. There will come a time when your laptop, pc or computer will let you down. When that time comes you can be assured that help is at hand, we are there for you. It doesn’t matter if your laptop has failed you completely or if it’s just not running as efficiently as you would like it to we are always here to assist you. If that time has come then why not let us the computer services specialists help you.

Experienced 1st Class Computer Repair

We at PC Help at Home pride ourselves on our first class, friendly, no fix no fee service. We recognise that in this day and age not everyone is a computer expert – we all have something that we are good at but the vast majority of laptop users just want to turn it on, use it efficiently then turn it off again. We are the specialist computer service technicians and unlike a lot of companies we are not “jacks of all trades” – we just deal in computers and repairs. In a lot of cases if your laptop goes wrong then you can work through problems yourself but this can be counter productive and cause more problems than it’s worth. If you are worried that your laptop has a problem then give us a ring, we can talk you through your problem and visit to help put things right.

What can we do? :

  • If your laptop is running slowly

We wouldn’t think twice about visiting a doctor if we feel unwell and in a similar way if your computer is under the weather it’s well worth letting our specialists run a laptop health check for you. That laptop that is getting slower and slower could just need a tweak or two and in an instant be back up and running as efficiently as the day you bought it. Quite often we can actually get it running considerably better than the day you bought it. You may be considering buying a new laptop if you are that frustrated with it. But we can upgrade your software with some additional memory, a new hard disk and perhaps some faster graphics cards which will turn that old laptop into the new laptop you didn’t think you could afford and all at a fraction of the cost of a new model. This can be a great alternative if you are a gamer and have bought the latest top seller only to find that your laptop as it is just can’t cope with the advanced technology used in the game.

  • If your laptop is as dead as a parrot

Before consigning it to that great aviary in the sky let us see if we can help. We will troubleshoot the problem and report back to you with a solution. In most cases it will be an easy, hassle free and painless procedure. We offer a virus removal and data recovery service where we will return your laptop to you in a lot of cases better and speedier than new. In extreme cases it may be necessary to perform a full re-install of your operating system but if this is the case then we will be able to back up your data before doing this and put it back when your laptop is repaired and back up and running. We can also offer a bespoke pc service where we can customise your laptop to your requirements. It can be developed into the device that you want it to be and we will be able to guide you through what might be a stressful situation with a minimum of fuss.

How and when can you get in touch with us?

We offer a speedy call out service and will in a lot of cases be able to get to you in your office or home the same day. We will always endeavour to get to you as quickly as we can and help you in a friendly, efficient manner. We appreciate that you want to get your laptop back up and working as soon as possible and we aim to make it as simple and pain free a process as possible offering an excellent service at affordable rates. We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online e mail query form or if you require a more immediate answer to your enquiry please give us a ring on our technical response number 01932 267085.

Additional information

Don’t forget we’re here to help you. If you have any problems with your laptop then please phone us and have a chat with one of our computer repair specialists. We’re only too pleased to talk you through any problems you have and give you some advice on the best course of action. Quite often that major problem that you thought you had with your laptop can be solved with a minimum of disruption to you and all at a price that may be surprisingly good value. Whenever something goes wrong we all like to assume the worst but often the solution is a lot cheaper than you might imagine.